2018 GISC Rates will be updated in early 2018!

Promote your company to an industry target audience by taking advantage of these corporate exposure opportunities.

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Green for Life magazine Advertising – 2018
Green For Life magazine (Official Show Guide) Rates

GISC Program Advertising
2017 Conference Program Advertising Opportunities

Trade Show Sponsorship

Registration Kickboards
Exclusive                                                              $2000.00
Be the first exhibitor to welcome the hundreds of attendees visiting the Green Industry Show! Your company logo and custom branding will be prominently displayed on all three (3) registration kickboards with your key messaging. Ensure your marketing message and call to action is front of mind as delegates enter the tradeshow floor.

Carpet Stickers
Semi-exclusive (max. 3 participants)          $1000.00 *only one spot left!
One of the most visible opportunities at the show, a custom carpet sticker, will easily capture the attention of retailers and lead them directly to your booth. This opportunity includes the placement of up to three (3), 2’ x 2’ stickers, with one (1) at the main entrance to the trade show floor and the other two (2) at key intersections throughout the show. Artwork is subject to GISC approval and includes production costs.

Delegate Carry Bags*    SOLD
Exclusive                                                              $1500.00
Imagine your company name on hundreds of show bags! Show bags will be made available to all attendees as they enter the trade show. Sponsor to supply and be responsible for restocking display racks. Sponsor may hand out bags as delegates enter the trade center. (Previous year’s sponsor has first-right-of-refusal).

Wi-Fi Sponsor
Exclusive                                                              $6000.00
Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot – tradeshow attendees love few things more than free internet! Provide them with a Wi-Fi hotspot and use the login screen as another spot to display your logo.

Job Board
Exclusive                                                              $500.00
As a staple of the GISC, the on-site Job Board provides career opportunities and HR solutions for the industry. Job listings will also be available to view on the GISC website, when submitted before the deadline. The Job Board will be located at the entrance to the trade show, Hall E.

Hydration Stations/Water Coolers     SOLD
Exclusive                                                              $500.00
Make an impact and reinforce your company image during the trade show by having your company logo displayed on water coolers (4) in the tradeshow hall. Sponsor has option to supply cups with company logo.

Hanging Aisle Banners
Semi-exclusive (max. 2 participants)           $2000.00 4 banners
Exclusive                                                              $3500.00 9 banners
Sponsorship of the hanging aisle banners located in the trade show hall. Opportunity to create custom graphics to be prominently displayed at the beginning of each aisle. Graphics to be provided by the sponsor. Your company name/logo will be on display throughout the show every time visitors look up. Show management will arrange for the 3 or 7 overhead signs; you simply supply your logo to be imprinted on all sides of the signs.

Cell Phone Charging Station
Exclusive                                                              $3000.00
A branded charging station located in a high traffic area. Solve a problem for show attendees and enjoy a captive audience.

Passport Program
Non-Exclusive, exhibitors only                      $300.00     *only 3 spots left!
Extend your presence and drive buyers to your booth! Sponsor logo is printed on a passport card and distributed to attendees at registration. Attendees must visit all participating exhibitors to have their passport validated and then deposited in the draw box to be included in the prize drawing. Maximum 15 exhibitors. (Participants listed on special signage and in Show Guide. Previous year’s participants have first-right-of-refusal).

Conference Sponsorship

Conference Attendee Portfolio
Exclusive                                                              $500.00 + materials
Conference portfolios are provided to all conference delegates and features sponsor logo on the front cover. Sponsor to supply 500 portfolios. Also allows the sponsor to supply a one-page insert. Portfolios and insert must be supplied to GISC three (3) weeks before event.

Workshop/Speaker Session
Non-exclusive                                                     $300.00
Exclusive                                                              $600.00
Room Sponsor (all sessions for 1 day)          $1200.00
Promote your company while supporting leading-edge industry education. Choose from workshops and sessions that are specifically target the different sectors of our industry: landscape, arborist, greenhouse, garden centre or nursery. Sponsor has the opportunity to introduce the speaker and to   display promotional material in the room.

Notepads & Pens*
Exclusive                                                              $600.00
For maximum marketing impact, put your corporate identity right into the hands of conference delegates – for use both during the conference and back at the office. Sponsor to supply approx. 500 notepads & 500 pens. (Previous year’s sponsor has first-right-of-refusal).

Continental Breakfast
Non-exclusive                                                     $500.00
Continental breakfast and mid-morning refreshments for conference delegates – this is one of the most appreciated features at the conference! (Includes coffee, tea and a selection of baked goods).

Morning Coffee Sponsor
Non-exclusive                                                   $1000.00
There is nothing conference delegates appreciate more than starting the day with a cup or two of coffee ir tea. Get the jump on your competition by providing this much appreciated morning pick-me-up!


Paired Sponsorship

Lanyards*      SOLD
Exclusive                                                              $1500.00
Capture the attention of hundreds as attendees wear your company name around their necks and are seen throughout the entire event. This marketing item will be given to each attendee when they pick up their badge. Sponsor to supply approximately 1500 lanyards. Unused lanyards will be returned. (Previous year’s sponsor has first-right-of-refusal).

Shuttle Bus*
Exclusive                                                              $500.00
Promote your company to attendees, exhibitors and the general public who are staying at the official event hotel. Your company logo will appear on lobby signage promoting the shuttle service during the entire event plus the opportunity to provide promotional and or hospitality items to shuttle riders.

Promotion Partner
Cross-promotion opportunity! We will promote your company as a GISC sponsor on the show website in exchange for placing our GISC ad in your industry publication (catalogue, magazine or client mail out). Please contact us for details.

Internet Promotion
Drive people to your website and encourage them to find out more about the show. We will send you a promotional banner (button) to put on your website and in your emails, which will link your customers to our show site and great ticket deals. Invite your customers to visit your booth at the GISC by including a PDF of the discount trade show ticket with your outgoing emails or even pay your customers admission with a custom ticket. (GIS exhibitors and Landscape Alberta members only)

Create Your Own Sponsorship
Have a great idea for a sponsorship that you don’t see on this list? Would you like the power to design your own? Contact us about your idea and we will do our best to accommodate and make it a reality. Call today! 1-800-378-3198

*For exclusive sponsorships, the previous year’s sponsor has first-right-of-refusal until a pre-determined date.

Sponsors are recognized on the Green Industry Show & Conference website, event signage, in the Green Industry Show & Conference program and in the Green for Life magazine, the official show guide. (Some exceptions apply. Subject to date of agreement.)

Contracts must be in place by July 15, 2017 to meet all publication deadlines. Contracts secured after this date will not be in some print publications.  

Please contact Valerie Stobbe or Erynn Watson at Landscape Alberta at 1-800-378-3198 or (780) 489-1991. Email: valerie.stobbe@landscape-alberta.com or Email: erynn.watson@landscape-alberta.com

*GST will be added to all prices.