Each exhibiting company and/or individual herein referred to as ‘exhibitor,’ by virtue of applying and being accepted as an exhibitor in the 2017 Green Industry Show & Conference (GISC) agrees to abide by the following Terms of Agreement.

The Show Management reserves the right of exhibit space assignment at any time.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. No exhibit material is permitted at the Calgary BMO Centre at Stampede Park prior to above date. Exhibitors may be subject to a specific move-in schedule and at all times will comply with traffic marshal’s instructions. No exhibitor will be permitted to set-up unless exhibit fees have been paid in full and proof of insurance has been received.

Empty cartons/crates/pallets may not be stored in booths. A designated storage area will be set-aside. Persons under the age of 16 are NOT permitted on the trade show floor during move-in.

Friday, November 18, 2017, 3:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

Exhibitors are not permitted to tear down their displays until 3:30 pm. Non-compliance may result in forfeiture of next year’s exhibit space. Exhibitors may be subject to a specific move-out schedule and at all times will comply with traffic marshal’s instructions.

No overnight storage permitted. Any cartons/crates/pallets or other material not removed from the storage area five hours after the official show closing will become the property of the show and disposal charges will be billed to the exhibitor. Persons under the age of 16 are NOT permitted on the trade show floor during move-out.

Continuous GISC exhibitors are given the right of first refusal on their exhibit space and are required to make a non-refundable deposit of $400.00 per 10’x10’ exhibit space prior to February 28, 2017. Balance will be due on June 30, 2017. First-time exhibitors are required to make a deposit equal to 50% of the total exhibit space price with the balance due on June 30, 2017. First-time exhibitors booking space after July 1, 2017 are required to pay 100% of the booth price.

Any exhibitor cancelling prior to June 30, 2017 will forfeit their deposit. Any cancellation made between July 1 and August 31, 2017 will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee of the total price. Cancellations made after September 1, 2017 will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee of the total price. All cancellations must be in writing. A reduction in exhibit space after September 1, 2017 will be treated the same as a cancellation.

Active & Associate members of Landscape Alberta, at the time of booking, will receive a 4% discount off the total price of the exhibit space. This will be deducted from the final payment. Each exhibit space is 10’ x 10’ and includes drapery, one 8’ backwall and 3’ side rails. Forklift services, booth carpet, tables, chairs and electrical services, etc., are not included and must be arranged GES CANADA Exposition Services Ltd. and Calgary Stampede Event Services.

If, for any reason exhibit space is not occupied 12 hours prior to show opening, GISC Management is free to dispose of the unoccupied space at their discretion. No refunds for no-shows.

No exhibitor may assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the exhibit space assigned, nor permit any other party to exhibit therein, nor to distribute any promotional or advertising materials in the occupied space other than those manufactured, grown, represented or sold by them in the regular course of business.

Exhibitors must limit their activities to within the confines of the exhibit space. Exhibitor activities must be conducted in a manner consistent with the non-interference of activities legitimately exercised by other exhibitors.

GISC Management retains the right to restrict exhibits to products and services of interest to and related to the horticultural industry. The Management also reserves the right to restrict exhibits because of noise, method of operation, materials, or for any reason that is objectionable and also to prohibit or to evict any exhibit which, in the opinion of the Management, may detract from the general character of GISC. This restriction includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter or anything of a character that the GISC Management determines objectionable. In the event of such restriction or eviction, GISC is not liable for any refunds on rentals or other exhibit expenses.

Exhibit spaces will have an 8’ high backdrop plus 3’ high side curtains. Our ‘Good Neighbour Policy’ states that a display must not block the line of sight to the adjacent booth. Displays in excess of 4′ in height must be confined to the rear of each exhibit space. The first 4’ from the front and sides of the exhibit space require that only ‘see through’ type material be used above the 3’ curtain. A display that creates a solid wall along the perimeter is not permitted. Full-width displays must be pre-approved by GISC Management. Displays & signs are not permitted above 12’ in height without permission. If a sign extends above the backwall it must be static and the reverse must not be distracting and cannot show the business name. No part of a display is permitted to extend beyond the exhibit space boundaries.

Audiovisual equipment shall be limited in its operation to sales demonstrations only, must not be noisy and shall not be used to attract or amuse visitors. All audiovisual equipment shall be in accordance with the requirements of fire prevention authorities and in harmony with any agreement entered into with the GISC, and the Management of the facility. The use of loud speakers and public address equipment by exhibitors is absolutely prohibited. All plans for installations and operation of special sound equipment must be approved by GISC Management prior to installation.

The Calgary BMO Centre at Stampede Park has exclusive rights for the distribution of food and drink within the trade show areas and no food or drink shall be given away or sold by exhibitors in the exhibit halls. The distribution or consumption of alcohol by exhibitors is prohibited in the Calgary BMO Centre at Stampede Park.

Helium balloons or large inflatables for the purpose of advertising are not permitted in the Calgary BMO Centre at Stampede Park.

In accordance with the Workers’ Compensation Board policy, all exhibitors must wear suitable, safe, CSA approved footwear when building or dismantling their exhibits. Running shoes are prohibited. Failure to do so may result in ejection from the show floor during move-in/move-out.

Exhibitors are not permitted to hang or affix anything whatsoever on the exhibit hall walls. A rigid sign may be hung from roof beams, but only after submitting a detailed drawing – in advance – to GISC Management for approval.

No propane is allowed in the Calgary BMO Centre at Stampede Park without prior permission.

In accordance with the City of Calgary Fire Department, all aisles and exits as designed on approved show plans shall be kept clean and free from obstructions. Easels, signs, etc. shall not be placed beyond booth area into aisles. Operation and or use of open flame, candles, lamps, torches, pyrotechnic materials or devices, is prohibited.

The operation of natural gas or gasoline engines is prohibited in exhibit areas. Vehicles fuelled by LPG/LNG are not permitted. Fuel tanks shall be limited to 25% capacity or 20L whichever is less. Gas caps must be locked or sealed in an approved manner. Where it is not feasible to lock or seal the opening, the fuel tank shall be empty. Draining of the tank shall not occur in a building. Adding or removing fuel on site is prohibited (must be done outdoors). All battery cables must be disconnected and cable ends taped. Keys must be kept on hand in the event of an evacuation.

Vehicles, boats, RV’s, trailers and similar exhibited products having over 9.3m2 of roofed area shall have a listed single station smoke alarm installed.  Vehicles, boats, RV’s, trailers and similar exhibited products between 9.3m2 and 27.9m2 of roof area, with a source of ignition, external power or vehicle batteries still connected, shall have a listed single  station smoke alarm installed and a 2A-10BC fire extinguisher.

Decorative material, such as, but not limited to, drapes, theatre curtains, signs, banners, acoustical material, hay/straw, split bamboo, plastic cloth, plastic displays, canvas, cardboard, etc. shall be of non-flammable material, shall conform to CAN/ULC1-S1091, “Flame Tests of Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films”, or shall be treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition by means of a flame retardant solution to ensure that the material will pass the match flame test in NFPA2 7052, “Field Flame Test for Textiles and Films.” Plastic cloth and certain other plastic materials, tar-paper, nylon, oilcloth, etc. cannot be rendered flame retardant and are prohibited. Any decorative material may be subject to testing. Materials in violation shall be immediately removed from the building. The use of spray paint is not permitted inside the facility.

Booths that include tents, canopies and/or other roofed structures are not permitted inside the building unless prior written permission has been granted by GISC Management and approved by the Calgary Fire Department.

GISC Management will provide security services for the exhibit area. As further protection, the GISC Management encourages exhibitors to have at least one employee in their exhibit space during move-in and move-out. However, in all cases, the ultimate responsibility of security lies with the exhibitor at all times. GISC or the BMO Centre at Stampede Park will not be held liable for the loss or theft of any or all items in the exhibit space at any time.

Each exhibitor and their employees, substitutes or agents, agrees to abide by the terms of agreement given herein and by subsequent amendments and additions, considered by Management to be in the best interest of all exhibitors. Upon non-compliance with the terms formulated, GISC Management reserves the right to prohibit, reject or eject any exhibitor, exhibitor’s representative, exhibit (in whole or in part), or visitor with or without giving cause. In the event of restriction or eviction, GISC is not liable for any refunds on rentals or other exhibit expenses.

In an effort to provide the best to the greatest number, GISC Management shall have full power to interpret the rules and regulations or make such judgments as may appear to be for the best interests of the entire exposition, any and all amendments of the foregoing rules, regulations and conditions that shall bind the exhibitors.

The exhibitor is responsible for obtaining adequate insurance covering his/her personnel, exhibit material, and equipment for the duration of the show move-in, show days, and move-out, including public liability, property damage, fire and theft, and business interruption, however caused. The GISC Management requires a Certificate of Insurance prior to exhibit set-up.

Smoking is not allowed in the BMO Centre at Stampede Park.

It is expressly understood and agreed that the exhibitor will make no claim of any kind against the Calgary BMO Centre at Stampede Park, the Green Industry Show & Conference (GISC), Landscape Alberta, its members,  employees or agents for any loss, damage or destruction of goods, loss of business due to weather, nor any injury or death that may occur to himself/herself or his/her employees, associates or aides while in the Calgary BMO Centre at Stampede Park or exhibit areas, nor for any damage of any nature or character whatsoever however caused.

Each exhibiting company and/or individual by being accepted as an exhibitor agrees to share their contact information with third party show providers.

Exhibitors shall refrain from entering other exhibitor’s space without permission, and should never enter an unoccupied booth. Photography or video shall not be taken of other exhibitor spaces, nor shall exhibitors enter contents in other booths without permission.

All exhibitors are expected to behave in a professional manner during all show hours including move-in, and move-out.  Conduct that is deemed to compromise the professionalism of the show may result in removal from the show without refund and refusal from future events.